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As we age, we need to maintain a sense of purpose. Studies suggest that engaging in writing, painting, and music can

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Medical Mailbox
Why am I gradually losing my sense of taste and smell, and is there a remedy? Carole Weiss, Katonah, New York You are not alone. And a loss of special receptors in the nose is likely to blame. “A gradual loss of smell (and flavor) likely reflects a
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A Yelp for Help
On August 20, 2012, San Francisco attorney Dawn Hassell signed an agreement to represent Ava Bird in a personal injury claim. Less than a month later, Hassell withdrew her representation because Bird was unresponsive to communications. On January 28,
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Big Hearts For Tiny Homes
On a chilly November night in 2019, Alan Graham slept on the streets of Austin, Texas. He has spent roughly 250 nights in the city’s parks and alleys over the past 15-plus years, easily identified by his black Mobile Loaves & Fishes cap and his white