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‘The kitchen is not my natural habitat’

Food for thought – what snack brings you comfort? Steaming risottos, creamy carbonara, truffle mash, fish pie, chocolate cake? Comfort food is nature’s penicillin, curing everything from a broken boiler to a broken heart. My only problem is that I can’t cook. I use my smoke alarm as a timer. The last time I baked was when I fell asleep on a sunbed. Truly, you’re looking at

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My Culture Diary
Watching Netflix’s Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I’ve also started The Crown, which I had resisted until now. I never watch things at the same time everybody’s watching them. Reading The Complete Works of George Orwell. It’s maybe not the cheer
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Fight Festive Wind
Sprouts get the blame, but all brassicas, including cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, can make us flatulent. The fibre they contain contributes but there’s another culprit – a natural sugar called raffinose. Our bodies lack the enzyme to digest this
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One year ago, TV presenter Caroline Flack posted an Instagram message. ‘In a world where you can be anything,’ she said, ‘be kind.’ By February, the Strictly Come Dancing champion was dead. Traumatised by a very public court case, she took her own li