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Perfectly TIMED

If you want to boost your wellbeing, timing is everything.

‘Whether it’s having a set bedtime, or knowing exactly when you’ll eat your lunch, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that doing certain things at certain times of the day can be better for us,’ says health behaviour change specialist, Dr Heather McKee (). ‘Creating a routine that works for you is key, but adding structure with time-based cues can help you to reach your health goals,’ she explains. ‘Times act as

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Chrissie’s 6 Steps To Calm
1 Have a good sort out in spring. Being at home more has made me realise good kitchen textiles are worth it. Somehow a stylish tea towel and oven glove hanging on the cooker brightens up the kitchen. 2 A calm home is an organised home, and this make
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CYCLING With A Difference
Cycling for women has had a modern makeover, thanks to the rise in e-bikes. In fact, searches for them have soared by 47% in the past year and sales have grown by 31%. Even back in 2018, e-bike sales already surpassed traditional bike sales in the Ne
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Relaxed CHIC
✢ The trench is a must when heading into spring, and it’s a versatile wardrobe staple. ✢ Cream, beige and greens work perfectly as a tonal all-over way to dress this season. Don’t be afraid to mix your shades for a classic head-to-toe look. ✢ Plimsol