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A Cordless Vacuum Contender

s I replace old and worn out tools, I’ve made it my goal to find a cordless equivalent. Their convenience cannot be overstated especially given they often times outperform their corded counterparts. I’d used and seen several cordless vacuums but had never been impressed. Most of them top out at or below 80cfm (with some advertising sub 40!) and can't

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Carving Tools
There are 3 tools that are really my ready and steady go to tools for power carving. The first (from the right) is my Manpa 3" multicutter with a Makita angle grinder. This thing removes material quickly with basically no kick-back and without needin
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Anika Gandhi
How did you get started woodworking? Who were your mentors? I got started with woodworking about 8 years ago when I was looking for fun toddler furniture for my 18-month-old. The online trail quickly led me down the rabbit hole of discovering that wi
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Workshop Tips
I have difficulty making accurate measurements when I install my auxiliary fence, because its plywood is a weird thickness. My solution is to create a new scale based on the plywood. Zero the fence next to the blade and slide a thin ruler under the p