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The theories

Lure of gravity

he Great Attractor is referred to as a gravitational anomaly – if it wasn't pulling on the Milky Way

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Olivon T800
The spotting scope is an instrument that’s not very well associated with stargazing – it is most commonly used by the avid nature watcher who takes great delight in observing birds and other forms of wildlife. Given our experience with the T800 thoug
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Mercury Mission: “I’m Glad We’re Going Back!”
What will you be doing in preparation ahead of BepiColombo’s arrival at Mercury in 2025? My role on the MIXS team is to help prepare to make the best observations that we can. MIXS’ role towards understanding Mercury’s surface and composition is to m
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Launch Pad
The world’s largest solar telescope is still in the process of having its full instrumental suite assembled, but the first piece of aparatus that was set up has shown the world a glimpse of its incredible power. The National Solar Observatory’s four-