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NASA shakes up human space exploration leadership

In a move that took most people in the space industry by surprise, NASA has reassigned two top officials in its exploration programme, including Bill Gerstenmaier, the longtime head of NASA's human spaceflight programmes. In a memo to NASA employees

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What Happened During The Challenger Disaster?
T=0.00s As the command to ignite the solid fuel rockets is sent, mission specialist Judith Resnik can be heard to say, “All Right!” T+0.678s Smoke from just above the O-ring in Challenger’s right-hand booster is captured on film, but not seen until i
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Guion Bluford
Guion Bluford applied to become a NASA astronaut in 1977, but he didn’t hold out much hope. After all, it was the first time in ten years that applications had been sought, and he was acutely aware that 8,079 people had applied – with just 35 places
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What Lies Between Neutron Stars And Black Holes?
Scientists know about neutron stars. They’re very much aware of black holes, too. But what if there’s something in between? This is what astronomers are pondering having discovered a cosmic event called GW190814. It was found through the detection of