This Old House

Norm’s tricks of the trade

Q I’m hanging new kitchen cabinets over old plastered concrete-block walls. How should I fasten them to the walls?—BUD GORDON, SIOUX CITY, IA

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This Old House2 min letti
Keep Warm, Stay Connected
One small positive of the months spent in lockdown has been how we’ve embraced our outdoor spaces. We just feel better, and safer, outside. Where friends and neighbors were once away from home all day or ensconced indoors with climate control, the wa
This Old House5 min lettiArchitecture
Just Right
It’s not a big-deal house, and renovating it was no big deal either—most homeowners would be happy to post a few “afters” on Instagram and enjoy the applause. But Joan Osofsky, who bought the place the minute she first saw it, then poured her heart a
This Old House2 min letti
Oval Coffee Table
SCOTT ADAMS HAS FOND MEMORIES of his great-uncle Bill’s sawmill, a trove of sawn lumber and salvaged house and factory parts that Bill sold and bartered. After he died in 1999, the machinery was sold off and the buildings fell into disrepair, but the