America's Civil War


’m not a fan of attempting to psychoanalyze historical figures, especially if the person doing the analysis isn’t a qualified therapist. To take what we know about a person from the historical record and try to slap a label on them is pretty misguided and arrogant. I wouldn’t

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America's Civil War8 min letti
‘Humanity Forbade Them To Starve’
In October 1862, Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant took command of the Union Department of the Tennessee, establishing his headquarters in the village of La Grange, Tenn. Most of his 31,000 troops were stationed two miles away in the small railroad town of
America's Civil War5 min letti
Dragged Into The Vortex
Nearly a quarter-century after he was severely wounded at the May 1864 Battle of the Wilderness, James Longstreet had another brush with death in the heart of Virginia. Early on the morning of July 12, 1888, the former Confederate lieutenant general
America's Civil War1 min letti
New Banner Blooms
Mississippi residents voted overwhelmingly on November 3 to replace their long-controversial state flag, which prominently featured a Confederate battle flag. After flying for 126 years, the banner was retired in June in the midst of nationwide unres