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I VISITED Milan three times in 2015. Once to attend Expo 2015 and twice to report on fashion shows and fragrance launches. There was a lot of free time between appointments and by the end of the third trip I had re-visited the city’s main attractions from the Duomo to the Castello. Fortunately, that year also saw the opening of a restored vineyard that once belonged to Leonardo da Vinci. A gift to the Renaissance genius from Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan, as part payment for painting the masterpiece - The Last Supper.

2019 marks the 500th anniversary of

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“Mariju-wine-a” - Does Pot Wine Have A Future?
CANNABIS has found its way into a wide range of beverages from coffee to beer and wine. Two years ago, a rumour swept social media that Coca-Cola was developing a cannabis-infused soft drink. But the beauty industry, which was also carried away with
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IN the worst Australian bushfire season on record, fires raged across the continent and amid the horror of lost lives, lost houses and livelihoods, came losses, too, for the Australian wine industry. One-third of grape production in the Adelaide Hill
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BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS it will be vintage time for most of the regions in Australia and New Zealand as well. It does seem strange that I am writing this in January at the time that we have seen horrific bush fires throughout many states of Austral