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Autumn is the perfect time of year to do a lot of different chores: divide, plant, water trees and shrubs and clean up flower and vegetable

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Vegetable Plating Guide
One of the most challenging aspects of vegetable gardening is trying to figure out when to plant each type of crop. Some vegetables are cold tolerant and can be planted as soon as the soil thaws in early spring. Others are frost-sensitive and can’t b
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Make Your Own Organic Potting Mix
Use an empty wheelbarrow or a large tarp to mix these ingredients together. Don’t fuss too much about being exact. Grab an old nursery pot to scoop the following: • 4 parts coconut coir — Improves water-retaining capacity • 4 parts compost — Improv
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Grow Gorgeous Peonies
Can such beautiful flowers also be easy to grow? The answer is a definite yes! Peonies are not only easy-care, but they make great cut flowers, are often fragrant and can live for generations. Even though some gardeners grow huge, colorful peonies wi