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It’s not too late to get a few greens going for your fall garden. While these leafy veggies are often grown in spring, now is the perfect time to get planting for a late-season harvest. Warm, late-summer soil encourages seeds to sprout quickly, but air temperatures are starting to cool off so young plants will have

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Top 5 Tools
Digging and cultivating soil can be hard work. Keep these tools on hand to make the job easier. 1 Garden fork A garden fork is used for loosening hard ground. It’s an essential tool for lifting and turning soil and digging and dividing perennials.
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Botanical Names
Musa spp. and hybrids Canna spp. and hybrids Phormium spp. and hybrids Iris spp. and hybrids Monarda didyma Aegopodium podagraria Heuchera spp. and hybrids Oenothera spp. and hybrids Phlox paniculata Origanum vulgare Centaurea montana
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Make Your Own Organic Potting Mix
Use an empty wheelbarrow or a large tarp to mix these ingredients together. Don’t fuss too much about being exact. Grab an old nursery pot to scoop the following: • 4 parts coconut coir — Improves water-retaining capacity • 4 parts compost — Improv