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We used to feed the gulls together. Bags of scraps; bacon rind, bread crusts, cold roast potatoes, pasta shells that clung to the plastic and made our fingers sticky. Marjorie called the gulls her angels. Claimed their eyes shone with prayers and wishes.

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Sidewalk Chalk
All summer longlittle ones write messages of optimismin chalk, to decoratethe sidewalks But, no one in Jingletownwrites aboutblack bodies and the concrete is so very silentfor black lives unless our silhouettes paintthe pavement withwhite outlines ■
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I Used To Ride In The Rodeo
You going to take down that mirror? You’ll need four people. That thing is heavy as a broken heart. Four people to take it down. Maybe three. Me? I spent twenty years in the army, five in the nick, five in the rodeo. Snakeskin boots, pretty as a girl
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Like Ripe Fruit
That June night in 1969 when the border closed between Spain and Gibraltar, my mother cooked rosto. She stood by the beige electric oven and tended to the pork cheeks sizzling in the pan, turning them over with a metal spatula. With her other hand, s