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In Other Waters shrinks the entirety of an alien ocean into one interface. You’re the AI that accompanies xenobiologist Ellery Vas on her dives into the oceans of Gliese 667Cc in search of life that may help sustain mankind, while trying to find out what happened to her partner, who disappeared during a prior mission.

All you see of Ellery’s adventures is

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PC Gamer1 min lettiComputers
Wired Or Wireless?
For most PC gamers wireless connectivity is something of a nonessential – a wired model will offer simple and battery-free operation that will prove itself just as performant as any cable-free alternative. Yet there are some cases where a wireless ke
PC Gamer1 min lettiArchitecture
Planting Prowess
Where do all the trees go? Ecologi and Ustwo games have split the seedlings across three different reforestation projects. The first is a mangrove planting project in Madagascar. The other two are standard reforestation projects, one in Mozambique an
PC Gamer1 min letti
Saving The Trees
Sneki Snek, Razer’s friendly, mascot, has finally come into being. With each purchase equating to ten trees saved, Razer is on the path to conserving one million trees together with Conservation International. The design evolves with every milestone