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Director: Robert Schwentke

Country/Distributor: Germany/Poland/Portugal/France, Music Box Films

Opening: July 27

The Second World War is winding down and rural Germany is lousy with deserters, among them

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Film Comment
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What Could Go Wrong?
THE PEOPLE ARE ALL PALE AS MUSHROOMS, BLENDING in with the ashen cityscapes, sterile white rooms, and drab, half-empty restaurants. Stuck in meticulously composed dioramas, they enact miniature comedies and tragedies—sometimes it is hard to say which
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See What I Mean?
Before I started translating Parasite, I received a very long email from Bong Joon Ho, where he mentioned all the issues that he anticipated we would have to deal with in the subtitles. IN A RUNNING GAG IN BONG JOON HO’S OKJA, a Korean-American membe