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As larger streaming services silo off in order to more efficiently monetize their intellectual property, the collaborative, not-for-profit Folkstreams calls back to the idea of streaming as a means of discovery, open-ended search, and surprise.


A free service focused on folklife films

IN THE CONTEXT OF AN INCREASINGLY CABLE TV–like streaming market, Folkstreams remains a website apart, an oddball gold mine of music documentaries, ethnographic films, and educational

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Film Comment6 min letti
An Innocent Abroad
Director Pierre Léon’s gambit is to focus on a single scene, honing in on it with an almost play-by-play fidelity to the book. As such, it’s the most concentrated rendition of the story, but in its own way, curiously expansive. ANY ATTEMPT AT A CINEM
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A New Old Master
Alice Guy Blaché Vol. 1: The Gaumont Years (1897-1907), Vol. 2: The Solax Years (1911-1914), USA; Kino Lorber The Intrigue: The Films of Julia Crawford Ivers, USA, 1915-1916; Kino Lorber FEW DIGITAL COMPILATIONS HAVE HAD AS REVELATORY AN effect on Am
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C.W. WINTER AND ANDERS EDSTRÖM ELEVEN YEARS AFTER their modest, award-winning feature debut The Anchorage, C.W. Winter and Anders Edström return with an opus several times more ambitious. In The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basi