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Choose your kit

It’s always important to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Obviously you’re going to need a DSLR or a CSC that’s able to produce high-resolution images, so you’re then going

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Digital Photographer1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
10 Creative Techniques To Try Now
The term ‘creative photography’ is used so often now that it’s not only a cliché, but it’s become hard to know what creative actually is or means. Some photographers might call a blurred ‘abstract’ shot creative, while others might simply see it as a
Digital Photographer2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Work With Multiple Filters
When using hardware filters, it is often best to minimise how many we place on the lens at any given time. Each filter is another layer for light to pass through before it can reach the sensor. Even with the best-quality filters that cost hundreds of
Digital Photographer1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Select Your Lenses
Due to the composition challenges of springtime, an ultra-wide lens is not always the best option for inland scenes. Instead opt for a 24-70mm or similar, which will provide a wide look at the short end but with less foreground stretching. An 18-200