Divers exploring the York River identified burned wooden timbers and cannons that may belong to a British ship that sank during the Siege of Yorktown. In this, the Revolutionary War’s decisive battle, George Washington’s army attacked the British by land, while the French navy assaulted them from the sea. More than 40 British ships went down during the onslaught, either from enemy fire or because they were deliberately scuttled by Lord Cornwallis in an attempt to stop a

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ARCHAEOLOGY2 min letti
Sailing The Viking Seas
Elaborate ship burials are among the most famous and most mysterious remains of the Viking Age. During the burial ritual, an individual was laid to rest on the deck of a full-size ship, which was then interred beneath a mound of earth. Over the past
ARCHAEOLOGY2 min letti
Living On The Edge
Popular interest in the past is often focused on the political or spiritual centers of ancient cultures—capitals such as Rome or Teotihuacan, for example, or the religious complexes at Saqqara in Egypt or on the Acropolis in Athens. But outside those
ARCHAEOLOGY11 min letti
Lord Of The Oasis
THE GOD SETH IS ONE of the most enigmatic deities in the Egyptian pantheon. He was regarded as a god of confusion and disorder, and was often depicted in the form of one of many animals, including a hippopotamus, a falcon, and, most frequently, the “