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Since its legalization in January of 2014, marijuana sales in Colorado alone have topped six billion dollars, a number that continues to balloon as the months go by. Naturally, these types of statistics attract the attention of trend-chasing investors looking for the next big thing. However, while the booming industry may feel very much like a get-rich-quick scheme to many, expertise surrounding the substance is important, especially as prohibition continues to be an issue in some parts of the country. That’s where The Arcview Group comes in.

An investment network looking to take the cannabis industry to the next level, The Arcview Group is dedicated to their craft, with $240 million invested across 200 ventures by their members. In this exclusive interview, Arcview Group President Steve DeAngelo and CEO Troy Dayton reveal essential information for entering the space, what investment will look like in the near future, and the vitality of advocacy in business.

Steve DeAngelo: President, The Arcview Group

Cannabis & Tech Today: You started The Arcview Group before any state had legalized recreational. Tell us about that.

Steve DeAngelo: That is correct. At the time

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