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There’s something very comforting about seeing your GPS position overlaid on top of a chart on your smart phone, tablet or chart plotter, but this is often a simplified picture of our surroundings. There’s more to navigation than just knowing your position; it’s as much about understanding the environment you’re in and having a good overview of an area so that you can quickly respond to changes of conditions and unexpected occurrences.

Digital navigation, with its small screens and constant zooming in and out, requires us to have a better command of our situational awareness, not less. It’s simply

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Hurricane Call-out
The day Storm Ophelia struck the coast of Ireland in October 2017, is one that Coxswain Eamonn O’Rourke will never forget: ‘The morning in question, our whole country was bracing itself. This storm had been well forecasted for a week or more. Ferries
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Your Brexit Questions Answered
Stuart (left) joined the RYA in 2005 and is their cruising manager. Robin chairs the Cruising Association’s Regulations & Technical Services group Q Do I need to arrive at a port of entry if sailing from the UK to France? When I sail from the UK to F
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Doorstep Adventures
This is the year to explore the British and Irish coasts, if ever there was one. After more than a year of Covid restrictions, we’re all itching to get out and get away. Foreign travel remains hampered by lingering restrictions and uncertainty around