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Summer SLEEP sorted!

You wake at 4.30am to the sound of birds outside and a room bathed in summer light. You need the bathroom. You hope you’ll be able to get back to sleep – but as soon as you’ve had that thought, sleep becomes ever more elusive. Summer can be tough on sleep – the heat, the light, the dawn chorus, the neighbours’ party spilling into the garden. According to a report by the Royal Society for Public Health, we are missing an average of almost one hour’s sleep a night – that’s a whole night’s worth of sleep each week – and this comes at a price. Insufficient sleep shortens life expectancy and raises the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. But all this just piles on the pressure when you’re lying in bed, feeling wired and tired! So how can we ensure the best sleep possible?


An average of seven to eight hours’ sleep

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