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How many times do you vow to do more exercise, yet instead of going for a walk or to the gym, you slump on the sofa? You feel tired and rundown, so you exercise less – and you’re also likely to snack more, which fuels your fatigue, causes you to gain weight and leaves you sluggish. Want to break the cycle? Try this diet, devised by Yuri Elkaim, a Holistic Nutritionist and author of The All-Day Energy Diet (Hay House, £12.99).

What to eat

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Your At-home Pilates Workout
This move doesn’t just hit your core, it’s heavy in the shoulders as well. When doing this exercise, go slow and controlled; the slower you can draw your knees in and out the harder the exercise becomes. • Start by bringing yourself into a plank posi
Woman & Home Feel Good You4 min letti
‘I Lived With Back Pain FOR OVER 30 YEARS’
‘When I was 19, I hurt myself doing what I thought was a simple exercise. I was stretching out, trying to put my head to my knees. When I couldn’t quite reach, I asked my friend to give me a push. I felt something in my back go ‘twang’ and was plague
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Tone at Home
Getting a good workout in, from the comfort of home, can seem like a challenge. However, you can tone up, break a sweat and burn cals with this easy-tofollow Pilates routine, created exclusively for FGY FGY by Aimee Victoria Long, Pilates instructor