The American Poetry Review

First Editions from Winners of the APR/Honickman First Book Prize

2016Heather Tone, Likenesses

selected by Nick Flynn

“ is an origin myth, in that it attempts to create the world by naming it. But it’s too late in the game to imagine—something else. Or many somethings elses. . . . It happens in real time . . . as one thing transforms, word by word, into another thing. How we are transformed, reading them.” —Nick Flynn

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Books Systems for the Future of Feeling by Kimberly Grey Persea Books, Fall 2020 79 pages, $15.95 Nu sculon herigean. —Caedmon When Kimberly Grey stepped onto the stage of poetry, she didn’t sound like anybody else. When I mentioned this to her, she
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I was promised a girl held her glossy image, shatterable, ice skating on a Soviet pond. I’d never seen snow but for the cut out paper flakes hung in school hallways. I only knew rain as intermittent confusion. Los Angeles in the ’80s. We set fire to