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Electromagnetic speed and distance log

e’re all familiar with the problems of fouling rendering the paddlewheel of speed and distance logs useless once the boat has been afloat for a few weeks. Until now alternatives have been prohibitively expensive, but that has changed with the latest product from NASA

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Practical Boat Owner3 min letti
All Dressed Up
Marsali Taylor sails an Offshore 8M, Karima S. She’s a dinghy instructor and author of The Shetland Sailing Mysteries starring liveaboard sleuth, Cass Lynch. Tidying up a file of photos on my desktop, I found a beautiful one of the sort of fun we use
Practical Boat Owner1 min letti
Fold An Arch Or Mast To Sail Inland, Says Dick Everitt
Many harbours in Europe and the US connect to interesting inland waterway systems. These can be explored if your draught isn’t too great and you can reduce the height of your vessel to duck under bridges. That’s why folding radar arches and masts are
Practical Boat Owner2 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Pod Drive
A development of the electric outboard, the submersible motor is either fixed to a mounting under the hull, or to a steerable through-hull shaft. Some can even be mounted on the rudder to act as a directional thruster. The power cable is usually fed