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5 DEC 1757

01 Successful feint

o deceive the Austrians into believing that he intended to attack their centre, Frederick ordered his light cavalry to form into a line of battle in the late morning east of the village of Borne. He then had the main body of the army begin its flank march by passing through this sector in full view of the enemy.

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• 230g masa harina• 225g corn husks• 150g lard• 1 tsp baking powder• ½ tsp salt • 675g pork loin• 475ml water• 4 red chillies•1 large onion, halved•1 clove garlic•1  ½ tsp salt Maize was the most important food source for the Maya civilisation and it
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Sometime in the early 3rd century, the Roman historian Cassius Dio reflected on the mental state of Emperor Nero in the year 60 CE. The notorious Nero, who had already ordered the murder of his mother, was now trying to present himself as a musical g
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The History Of The Devil
MARINA MONTESANO Marina Montesano is a full professor of medieval history at DICAM, University of Messina, Italy. Her books include Classical Culture and Witchcraft in Medieval and Renaissance Italy. JAN MACHIELSEN Dr Jan Machielsen is a senior lectu