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have been meaning for some time to tell you folks what a great job you’re doing. You knock it out of the park every issue. As a taxidermist, I see

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Field & Stream4 min letti
Lost and Gone
HUGH JOHNSON WAS A good-looking, athletic kid, the kind that people of all stripes are naturally drawn to. I was his hunting and trapping partner. And unlike anyone else around me during high school in Daven port, Iowa, Hughie made me believe that li
Field & Stream4 min letti
John’s Rock
DOWN THE STEEP BANK AND through dog-hair stands of invasive knotweed, the river opens up to a huge slow pool below and a riffle above. There are already a few bugs wafting by on the slight breeze, and I see two splashy rises in the tailout. But I hea
Field & Stream4 min letti
A Keen Collection
THERE’S A LITTLE PIECE OF meat under the clavicle of a duck that drives me nuts. To get at it requires a moment of dedicated concentration when filleting the breast. I have to halt the cut that severs the fillet from the keel of the breastbone, turn