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Remember the sound of thunder—that ripping, booming, crash that makes your bedroom window rattle? It’s usually preceded by a flash of lightning that dances across the sky. Have you ever wondered what a thunderstorm looked like up close? Really close? Can you imagine meeting a thunderstorm where it lives—in the clouds? One man did. And he lived to tell

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Cricket Magazine6 min letti
JACK METCALF: A Blind Boy with Vision
“HEY JACK, WANT to come bird-nesting with us?” his friends would say. Or “Let’s go raid an apple orchard, Jack. Want to climb and shake the tree for us?” And away Jack would go. He was a lively boy, energetic and strong, but Jack was different from t
Cricket Magazine2 min letti
New Poetry Contest: Pet Friendly
Everybuggy loves pets—even a pet rock like “Iggy Flint.” Edith loves “Good Samson,” her big, loyal dog with a goofy look. And Ladybug really loves her pet kitty, Pussywillow, who just couldn’t be cuter. For this month’s contest, everybuggy wants to r
Cricket Magazine6 min letti
LITHOPHONES: Rocks That Sing
Everyone knows that rocks can make noise. Toss one in the water—KERSPLASH! Drop one on the ground—THUNK! Throw a rock through a window—CRASH! OH NO! But some rocks actually make musical sounds when struck with another rock or with a hammer. A general