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Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Florence and Richard Atwater

A house painter named Mr. Popper dreams of being an Antarctic explorer. When he gets a penguin, his dream comes true. Soon one penguin turns into two, and soon a dozen penguins are in the household. It’s too expensive to take

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Cricket Magazine7 min letti
Staranded At The Bottom Of The World
EXPLORER SIR ERNEST Shackleton was growing impatient. It had been four months since his ship, the Endurance, made its August 1, 1915, departure from London. He had planned only a brief stop at South Georgia, a desolate island eight hundred miles east
Cricket Magazine2 min lettiFashion & Beauty
New Art Contest: Fashion Statement
The bugs were fascinated by the beautiful fashions created by Ann Lowe in “She Dreamed of Dresses.” Ladybug has already pulled out her needle and thread to design a new baseball uniform for Sluggo, complete with pink bows. Cricket looks very elegant
Cricket Magazine7 min letti
Three Impossible Tasks
While restoring the artwork in the temple of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, Pei, a poor young artist, sees the daughter of the new governor general, Yu-lan. Struck by Yu-lan’s beauty, Pei secretly sketches her portrait and composes a short love poem