A Famous Telegram

More than 60 years after the United States and Mexico fought their last battle over land, a new conflict threatened the two countries’ relationship.

Americans read all about the horrible fighting in World War I in 1914. But they were safely on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. That location allowed them to stay out of Europe’s

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Your Letters
In 1814, John James Audubon described his discovery of the Bird of Washington, or Washington’s Eagle. It was the largest sea eagle known to ever exist. Only a few people ever claimed to have seen one. Some people believe that the species is currently
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Why the Electoral College?
Why did the Founding Fathers create the Electoral College? To answer that question, it is important to look at the problems they were trying to solve more than two centuries ago. The United States was a different country in the 1780s than it is today
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All About Elections Crossword Puzzle
Can you solve this crossword puzzle about presidential elections? All the answers can be found in this issue. Answers on page 49. 2. Political parties traditionally gather at a national _____ to officially nominate their candidates for president an