Rethinking a Holiday

Columbus Day has been an official U.S. holiday since 1937. But some people question the idea of celebrating Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the “New World.”

That’s because of what followed that “discovery.” News of Columbus’s voyages spread across Europe. It began the Age of Exploration. It led to many more transatlantic journeys from Europe to the Americas. Contact between Europeans and native people led to deadly conflicts. It also exposed

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Cobblestone1 min lettiAmerican Government
Charles Kenzie “C.K.” STEELE
When white supremacists left a cross burning in the front yard of the Rev. Charles Kenzie “C.K.” Steele, he refused to be intimidated. He had moved to Tallahassee, Florida, to become the pastor of the Bethel Baptist Church in 1952. And he was determi
Cobblestone1 min lettiPolitics
Building a Better Future
During the civil rights movement, Birmingham, Alabama’s Black citizens lived under a government that supported white supremacy. The city was referred to as “Bombingham” for the many bombings of Black homes that went unsolved and unprosecuted. Birming
Cobblestone3 min lettiDiscrimination & Race Relations
Pivotal Moments
Many of the articles in this issue refer to specific events or organizations that impacted the course of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Here’s a quick overview of the major events or groups, when they took place or were founded, an