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Alicia Silverstone wants to save the world, or at least do her part to try. When our server at the cozy-chic Manhattan hotel where we meet brings over her green juice, Alicia, pointedly, but without a shred of meanness in her voice, says, “Hey, you guys have got to get rid of your straws,” a reference to the movement to reduce plastic waste in the ocean. Then, Alicia, dressed in comfy black-and-gray clothes a cool city mom might wear on a Whole Foods run, offers me a sip from her glass. It’s the first time any of the celebrities I’ve interviewed wanted to share what they’ve ordered with me, a testament to her generosity and perhaps her belief that everyone should consume only the best stuff for their bodies. The grass-colored drink was truly tasty.

In her quest to make things better for people, animals and the planet, through , her site about “living your healthiest and happiest life to the fullest, while taking care of mama Earth”; , a book, a second book, about better eating and lifestyle for “supercharged fertility, a radiant pregnancy, a sweeter birth and a healthier, more beautiful beginning”; and mykind Organics, vegan supplements; she also wants to preserve her sanity. “I had a book [on vegan cooking] that I was supposed to turn in, and I had to say, ‘I’m so sorry, I can’t do it.’ I wanted to give my acting career more time …. I can’t write a book, be a mom and be the lead on a TV show,” on the Paramount Network, owned by Working Mother 100 Best Company, Viacom. “It’s too much work. I’d rather do the book eventually.”

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