Betjeman Poetry Prize

Where do you like to write?

Anywhere outdoors. Nature is calming and peaceful so it’s easier to really concentrate, but at the same time it’s inspiring. Last year at the Betjeman Poetry Camp we spent five days living in tents in the grounds of Waddesdon Manor. That was the perfect combination: surrounded by trees but having other like-minded young people

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Weird Poetry
In June 1877, a strange thing happened to an out-of-work Irish weaver living in Scotland. To quote his own words: I seemed to feel as it were a strange kindof feeling stealing over me, and remainedso for about five minutes. A flame, as LordByron has
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An Appetite For Music
Aubergines fashioned into cymbals? Carrots carved up as flutes? Pumpkins posing as drums? Who said you can’t play with your food? Or, in this case, play your food? Certainly not the Vegetable Orchestra from Vienna! For about half a day before each pe
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Skeltonic Verse
Is verse that’s terseWith rhyming wordsLike birds and herdsLike curds and girdsAnd surds and thirdsKeep words goingAnd lines flowingTill the rhymes you seekBecome quite weakThen change the rhyme,They’ll cease to chimeAnd that is whenYou switch again.