History of War


During World War I the Pioneer Tractor Company from Winona, Minnesota, designed a rather strange-looking tank that would be later known as the Skeleton Tank. The crew was encased in an armoured box at the centre of the vehicle with a gun turret on top and an engine on each side of the compartment. The driver had a small horizontal vision slit at the front of the armoured box. The commander/ gunner had a vision slit in the turret.

The tracks were carried on mounted rollers installed on a tubular frame covered with wood. The pipe construction would allow for the tank to

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El Cid Master Of The Battlefield?
Known to the Spanish as El Campeador, ‘Master of the Battlefield’, and to the Muslims as El Cid, from the Arabic ‘Al Sayyid’, ‘The Master’, few figures capture the spirit of the mid-Reconquista tug-of-war than Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar. In the millennium
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May 1941
British soldiers pose next to the wreckage of Rudolf Hess’ Messerschmitt ME110, which he had crashed in Scotland on 10 May. The bizarre and daring flight of Hitler’s right-hand man took both German and British authorities by total surprise. Hess clai
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Timeline Of The... Reconquista
The Islamic Umayyad Caliphate invades Iberia. A Christian Visigoth king is defeated in battle and the new Umayyad province of Al-Andalus covers the vast majority of the peninsula. The Visigoths retreat and regroup into a small kingdom called Asturias