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Perfectly Imperfect: Saying Goodbye to The Curse of Perfectionism

Perfectly Imperfect: Saying Goodbye to The Curse of Perfectionism by Laurence Favier. Photograph of a building door with "work in progress" written on it by Gaelle Marcel
Photograph by Gaelle Marcel

Perfection is a myth – and you can experience greater achievement and joy, personally and professionally, by letting it go

Have you noticed that the society we live in encourages us to put ourselves under pressure to do everything perfectly?

From an early age, we must work well at school and have good grades. Later, the choice of our career will decide our standard of living. More than likely we will follow the predictable paths in order to build a family, have a good living situation, create a good life — all the while, doing our best to do it all, perfectly. 

If you’re tired of aiming for perfection, or as close to it as you

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