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The memory game

It’s a strange thing, our relationship with food. As much as all of us need to eat to live, there are a few of us who live to eat and those who, if the option presented itself, would take a pill to get all their required sustenance, nutrients and energy. They wouldn’t even spare a thought for the crispy bits of bacon left in the pan after a Sunday

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Chilli Bites
“I only started making chilli bites when I got married. I got this recipe from my mother-in-law. I make these maybe 20 times during the month of Ramadan – my one sister-in-law makes them every day! By the time Eid comes around, I don’t want to see an
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Fancy A Quiche?
Serves 12 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 45 minutes For the base: olive oil 2 T sweet potatoes 4, peeled and cubed For the filling:olive oil 2 Tshallot 1, finely choppedfree-range eggs 6Greek yoghurt ½ cupcream ½ cupblue che
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Cook’s Tip
Make the gammon and stock a day or two in advance to save time. The gammon is more than enough for the soup and for making sandwiches the next day. Woolies’ creamy Nicola and Apache potatoes are perfect for this dish. Don’t rinse the sliced potatoe