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Seratones Power (New-West)

I first came across Seratones when they were a fairly average new wave influenced band with a brilliantly soulful singer. Sadly, at that point they weren’t anything special. A change of emphasis and line-up though, and they’re a completely different beast. Singer and guitarist A J Haynes now has space to make the most of her excellent voice, while the band have settled into a sound that draws largely on Seventies Soul. Opening track Fear has an element of Amy Winehouse about it, with its motown-esque feel sucking you into expectations of a lazy, laid-back release. This is quickly cancelled out as soon as the title track kicks in. An upbeat stormer that would happily sit in a modern soul set at a ’nighter, its base guitar and powerful drum line kick up an instant dancefloor riot. Heart

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Name: Clive Pollock. Scooter club & town: I don’t do politics, Basingstoke. How and when did you first become interested in scooters: Always loved the music which was associated with the scene, so owning a scooter just become part of it. First sco