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The Donner Party

By George Keithley

George Braziller, Inc.

“The Donner Party is one of the three or four finest book-length American poems ever written.”—Poetry. “Out of the western migration of the 1840s…Keithley has made a lean, taut narra-tive poem that moves with the speed and terseness of a killer shark.”—The New York Times. “Keithley’s account of the Donner tragedy is a major event in American letters.”—X.J. Kennedy.


Leave Smoke

By Jeff Walt

Gival Press

“Poems suffused with menace and longing, where people ‘abandoned and hungry’ make their way as best they can in a world of shitty jobs and low-life bars. Bleak, yes, but readers can take heart from Jeff’s humor and sharp-eyed observations of the more absurd aspects of

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