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IF YOU HAD SAT ME down and told me how the 2019 Roof of the World’ tour with Aussie Bike or Hike would change my perspective on life…. I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Or even laughed at you.

This trip was only the second time I have ridden abroad you could say that I’m a bit of a ‘newb.’ The first was in the comparatively civilised USA, so probably doesn’t rate a mention. Let’s just say you could consider me an ‘adventure’ first timer and quite unprepared for what lay ahead.

My riding background certainly isn’t lengthy. I fell in love with motorcycling in 2014 and began racing the following year. I met Alex Cudlin from Aussie Bike or Hike in 2016 at the track and he eventually became my coach. But despite being coached by a World Endurance Champion, my experience in off road conditions really was non-existent.

This trip was just what I needed, a chance to experience a different kind of motorcycling, worlds apart from a race track. Never in a million years would I have attempted to do this trip on my own, let alone attempt the highest motorable pass in THE WORLD! Alex and Shane Cudlin have been an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience. They managed to get this road rider through some of the toughest roads and trickiest conditions in India. Many, many thanks for the insane, magical and crazy experience; I’ll never forget.

Who would have thought that I would be trying to get over my post-holiday depression by looking at adventure bikes!


On day one, met up with everyone including our fearless local guide Tony or ‘T-Bone’ as he became affectionately known. Due to unforeseen circumstances I ended crashing an all boys trip by being the only lady. I wasn’t too concerned and the lads were good sports about it. That first day we headed straight out to a local market to get amongst life in Delhi. I had

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