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Call in some light streaks

ou don’t need loads of fancy lighting kit to get great results when it comes to product photography. For this setup, I used a black background (a £12 blind from Ikea), a piece of perspex, the main subject (an old Lubitel 166 camera), a

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Flatten Your Perspective
We all have our own perspective on the world, and camera lenses aim to replicate these optical viewpoints as faithfully as possible. To record in a photograph what we see with our eyes, we choose the appropriate lens for the job, whether it has a fix
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Laowa 15mm f/2 Zero-D £849/$849 Landscape lenses like the Laowa 15mm f/2 Zero-D don’t get the same column inches as their glitzy portrait lens counterparts. However, this rectilinear lens is worthy of plenty of headlines, combining a huge 110° angle of view with a
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Heroes Of The Air
Most of my time as a child was spent taking pictures and developing the film at home. Photography was purely a hobby until 2006, when I became involved in supplying commercial images to the construction industry on a full-time basis. I currently work