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Sam has a Bird Bath

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When you are beginning a drawing you need to choose a subject which excites your interest and preferably one which challenges you. I especially enjoy drawing kids in action, or totally involved in an activity, or just being still and wondering. The range of expressions offered by children at play is infinite. It’s a whole world waiting for artistic exploration!

So, take plenty of photos, because kids won’t sit still for hours with exciting expressions on their faces waiting for you to puddle about with a pencil! Rifle through your shots and choose a photo which is suitable for a drawing. This isn’t always easy.

For this

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Galerie B
I am originally from Holland where I worked for the Arts Council in Amsterdam. When I came to Australia, I completed a Diploma in Visual Arts Management and worked for a variety of art galleries and arts organisations in Perth for about 15 years. In
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Artist S Hints And Tips
• Use a separate pastels you are using on the current painting. This saves time searching for the colour you used previously. I tend to preselect only a few colours for my work as I am never sure of where the painting will take me. • Keep the pastels
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High Aspirations
Hampshire in England was Anita Stevens’ birthplace. After her family moved to New Zealand in the late 1950s, she lived there for several decades. She relocated to Australia in 2000, and now resides on Bribie Island north of Brisbane. Anita has beco