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Celery is synonymous with diets and healthy eating, though it’s said to be a negative-calorie food because it takes more energy to chew and digest than it contains.

Growing celery in your own garden will require time (it’s a relatively slowgrowing plant) and energy (think

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What’s Good For The Gooseberry
Gooseberry is a cool-climate berry that may leave many people underwhelmed as the fruit is small, tart and found on prickly stems. But if you grew up with a gooseberry patch, they are sure to be a sentimental favourite. Gooseberries are not easy to f
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Tea Break
As people seek a healthier lifestyle, often a first step is to cut back on caffeine — or even give it up completely and imbibe a caffeine-free herbal infusion. While there are plenty of herbal teabags and leaf teas available to buy, anyone with a gar
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Things To Do In January
• Fruit fly are more active as crops ripen. Use organic baits and traps or cover individual fruit with exclusion bags. Clean up fallen fruit. As fruit fly is spreading to fruit-fly-free areas, watch for signs of attack. Use fruit-fly traps to monitor