Robot vacuum cleaners


iROBOT ROOMBA i7 £799, irobot.com

This is, narrowly, the best robo vac you can buy. Obstacle avoidance is solid, it navigates quickly on its way around, and it can do a wellsized home on one charge. It stores maps of your place and you can use the

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Smart Plugs
Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestplug £19, kasasmart.com A reliable smart plug that doesn’t include energy monitoring, but it’s happy to work with Alexa, Google Home and Bixby. The TPLink Kasa app is also much improved on recent generations. £39
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Wired Over-ear Headphones
Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestoverear £399, gradolabs.com When you factor just how good these sound, they’re a bargain. In a quiet room, they sound as good as headphones that cost five times more. They’re among the leakiest we’ve tried, howev
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Ares Tesla Model S Convertible
The Tesla Model S seems like it would be very hard to improve upon. After all, its upcoming Plaid edition offers a 0-60mph of 1.99 seconds, a 200mph top speed and an estimated range of 390 miles. It also has an Einsteinian level of smarts: it can aut