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Going With The Flow: Using Feng Shui To Create Movement in Your Life

Going With The Flow: Using Feng Shui To Create Movement in Your Life by Patricia Lohan. Photograph of a beautiful living room coffee table by Hutomo Abrianto
Photograph by Hutomo Abrianto

The ancient art of Feng Shui is not simply about rearranging furniture, it is about amplifying energy flow and personal growth in all aspects 

I haven’t a clue how a 15-year-old from the west coast of Ireland first heard about Feng Shui, an ancient energetic art from across the seas in China. However, somehow when the Internet beeped for the first time, I heard it and decided to take the call. Suffice it to say, I’ve been hooked ever since.  

For Christmas and birthdays, I’d ask for books about Feng Shui, convinced it would revolutionize my life (and it did). But I had a long way to go before remotely grasping how it all worked. And I definitely had no idea what a true impact it was going to have in so many ways from the onset.

At about the same time our family moved to a new home. Though it was the upgrade my parents had been working hard for, for so many years — it turned out to be quite

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