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4 most powerful changemakers from the world of music and culture

Four women who don't take no for an answer, are go-getters and always up for challenges.

Rebel with a cause
Mithila Palkar 28 Actor, Mumbai

How would you define power? The ability to inspire and influence people is powerful. Also, self-awareness extends power as it is easy to get carried away and forget introspection.

What inspires you? People. I have always been curious to learn about people and their journeys since I am often blown away by their stories There is always so much to learn and being an actor makes you curious and empathetic.

Who is your role model? My grandmother, who taught me strength and perseverance as these two qualities help in the chaotic world we live in. It takes a lot to keep your head held up high and to not let your spirit crumble. She taught me how to

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