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Do you tend your plot on your own?

I tend our plot with my wife Vivienne, with myself cultivating our veg and Vivienne keeping them in check with regular harvesting and pruning.

Do you have an allotment or veg plot in your garden?

We have a veg plot in our

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Poppy Appeal
Putting the poppy heads on to the top of my canes is a great way of protecting your eyes. This year we had self-seeded poppies and a few months ago they looked absolutely amazing. They really did, they were wonderful! I’m actually drying some of them
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6 Plot Plans To Save The Planet
Sow just a few annual flowers in the corner of your plot or in between rows of long-term crops such as brassicas and sweetcorn. Not only will you enjoy the colour on your plot, you will encourage and help pollinators such as bees, insect predators an
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Kg Problem Solver
Every year I try to grow carrots without success. I add compost to soil and even sieved a whole area to get rid of stones. However, I never have but a handful of large carrots and mostly tiny ones. Is there anything I can do to improve the soil as it