Post-Workout Chow-Down

A fundamental goal of training for athletes is to maximise training in order to increase potential for competition, through enhancing performance during subsequent training sessions as well as over time adapting to the repeated stress of regular training.

But because complete and (often) rapid recovery is required for optimal performance, athletes need to practice nutritional strategies that maximise recovery. Post-exercise recovery encompasses rehydration, regeneration and repair of damaged tissue, and restoration of depleted carbohydrate stores.

Although replenishing muscle and liver glycogen stores after high intensity endurance exercise is the primary goal, there are complementary features of both carbohydrate and protein replacement that can be leveraged to create a more holistic effective recovery strategy.


Glycogen, produced within the body, is the preferred fuel, but is in limited supply with

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Robert Enslin
Once in a while, on very rare occasions you meet someone who with the slightest of breath, like a whisper of a butterfly's wings beating, changes the very fabric of your perception of the known. Rob has been that rare occasion for many. A kinder man
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High Altitude Training Facility in Rhodes. Access 10 of the highest mountain passes in SA. Group accommodation around a 25m natural training pool. Private chalet and bungalow. Gym, physio, Pilates, coaching, meals, coffee shop.
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Reid Bremner
My friend Reid Bremner lost his courageous battle against lung cancer in March. In November 2018, I sent a message to a group of Reid’s trail running mates, asking for some epic reading ideas for Reid as he faced the first of many long hospital visit