£299 Smartech @selfridges.com

Until we get earbuds that seamlessly translate speech, you’ll have to stick with apps on your phone, or use a dedicated translation device, like the Pocketalk here. To start, you choose the two languages you need to translate between, hold a button while talking,

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G
• £30 up front then £67.09 a month over 24 months with O2 (unlimited data) • £29 up front then £63 a month over 24 months with Vodafone (unlimited data) If you’ve not heard of Xiaomi before, it’s one of the big Chinese phone makers now making in-road
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Silence Is Golden
Some household appliances are annoyingly loud, and the noise they create is especially frustrating if you’re a shift worker and need to use such tech during unsociable hours, or if you have a baby in the house that wakes at the drop of a hat. Thankfu
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Sonos Move
£399, sonos.com Most portable water-resistant, rugged wireless speakers are lightweight, cost less than £150 and are designed for pop party super-fun time. The Sonos Move is £399, weighs a hefty three kilos, and is as happy playing classical or prog