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Join the Club
When was the club founded? We were founded on 26 October 1950. Our president, Frank Winfield, has been in the club for 44 years and attended the original meeting aged ten with his dad. We even have an early newspaper clipping which was about the fir
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Tony Kemplen on the … Holga 120 CFN
The Holga 120 CFN fits firmly in the toy camera category. This term is used to describe cameras that can actually take photographs, but which are ultra-simple, often novelty-themed devices. They became trendy a few years ago, with devotees waxing lyr
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THE ENTRY-LEVEL market has been stagnant for a while, so it is exciting to see cameras that break with convention in a bid to appeal to a younger, more social-media-savvy market. The Panasonic Lumix G100 comes at a very competitive price, and should