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In 2016, author Phil Hewitt was stabbed twice in the leg and mugged after walking

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Nut Or Seed Butter
Nut butters (besides peanut butter) are costly, oily, and have additives when bought. And yet it's simple, if a little labour intensive, to make your own! If you're allergic to nuts or want to mix it up, you can make seed butters too. Pumpkin seeds m
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Trail Mix Granola Bars
These taste exactly like trail mix, in the form of a bar. They’re made from a few basic ingredients and are baked, making them portable so they’ll survive a day in your pocket or pack. There are two versions, one with nuts and one with seeds. You can
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Longmore Eastern Cape
Access 7am Dogs No Fee R50 / Trails Various / Best route 20km / Ascent 570m / Difficulty Easy / Time 4h Plantations offer me the opportunity to train for extended periods, on varied surfaces, in mountainous areas. It would be unwise to just go for a