Up to around 2005 it was possible to buy a presentable scooter from Vietnam, ship it back to the UK and clear customs with change from £1000. For many it was a gamble worth taking, even if broken for parts

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City Slickers Charity Event
Back in 2015 Alan Dews, a friend of one of our founders (Andi Pallet), passed away suddenly from an undetected heart condition aged just 37, which was such a shock and devastating to his family. From this terrible event, Alan’s mum and dad work tirel
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Free The Joy!
So let’s rewind a little bit and explore how this chocolate-loving lady formed the idea to blend her passion for chocolate (in particular Dairy Milk) into the smooth flowing lines of her Lambretta. “Like any kid I always loved chocolate and I have to
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VBB: To Rat, Or Not Rat, That Is The Question?
During the past few years, my scooter and I have had plenty of adventures. Most recently, Istumbled upon a whole series of characters well worthy of respect and a good mention in these pages. Never before this moment though, have I encountered such a