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Stack it

With traditional vegie gardening, beds are planted, cleared and replanted, alternating between warm-season crops and cool-season crops, season after season, ad infinitum. While plants are still growing, we have considerable slack time when nothing is produced, so productivity follows a boom and bust cycle, which is quite inefficient.

In the design system of permaculture, which is essentially ecological engineering, we look to construct food production systems that are as efficient as possible, and look to nature for solutions.


Nature is fond of stacking plants for the purpose of creating stable ecosystems, stacking in space vertically to create the various

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Things To Do In January
• Fruit fly are more active as crops ripen. Use organic baits and traps or cover individual fruit with exclusion bags. Clean up fallen fruit. As fruit fly is spreading to fruit-fly-free areas, watch for signs of attack. Use fruit-fly traps to monitor